To the Heather Mac Donald’s article in The NYPost


Recently I’ve read the article of The City Journal contributing editor prof. Heather Mac Donald.

Commenting the video this author wrote: “…single mothers are generally overmatched in raising males. Boys need their fathers. But over 72 percent of black children are born to single-mother households today, three times the black illegitimacy rate when Daniel Patrick Moynihan wrote his prescient analysis of black family breakdown in 1965.”

But what’s the cause of such instability of black families?

First of all it’s unemployment. Everlasting lack of job results in the tremendous level of poverty and stress. Inability to support their family undermines husband’s authority and self-esteem so that they decide to leave and not to be freeloaders.

Moreover, it’s widely known that police arrests Afro-Americans more often then whites. Of course, such policy also tends to increase the number of broken black families.

That’s why recent protests aren’t just flash mobs of ill-bred black teenagers but at least a sign of social illness.

As always youngsters are just more active and spunky to protect the interests of their families and their race as well. They are tired of seeing police violence, their mothers’ desperation and of expecting the better future.


“Magnitudes more black men are killed by other black men in Baltimore and other American cities than by the police”. Does Mac Donald make excuses for the police violence? More white men are killed by other whites than by the police. Does it means that it’s normal for the police to kill a couple of innocent whites???


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