Million Hoodies – FAQ

Million Hoodies believes that the political and cultural stage is set for a youth-led movement. Young people have increasingly become aware that mass criminalization and over policing of communities of color is breaking communities apart. They feel the need and energy to change current cultural and political conditions around policing and mass criminalization, and win against the prison industrial complex.


What are Million Hoodies chapters?

Chapters are a part of the Million Hoodies Action Network, a national network of local movements working in solidarity with one another to transform their communities to shift the social and cultural conditions that continue to tear a part Black and Brown communities. What Million Hoodies chapters do locally will vary from place to place and is up to the leaders of that chapter to determine, but at the core, Million Hoodies chapters are led by those committed to build a sustainable human rights movement that embodies the values and principles of the Million Hoodies Movement for Justice.

Million Hoodies chapters involve high school, undergraduate, and graduate students registered as a student group on campus and/or local community members with a minimum of 5-10 members engaged.

What do Million Hoodies groups do?

Whatever is most crucial to empowering and protecting young people of color from profiling, police brutality, mass incarceration, and gun violence in your community, whether it be education, recruitment and team-building, direct action, campaigning and policy change, or working directly with local elected officials and decision-making entities.

If you’re just starting out, start from the beginning and start small. Host a movie screening, then work your way toward a kickoff meeting. Hold a protest, and start making some noise in local media.

When key moments arise such as a critical decision about the murder of another unarmed Black person by the police or a national stand against mass criminalization, we also hope that Million Hoodies groups will take action in solidarity, knowing that our voices are louder and more persuasive when we take action as a national movement.

What should I expect from the Million Hoodies Action Network?

The Million Hoodies Action Network are in the process of expanding their infrastructure to support local affiliates and chapters. Keep a look out for new updates, but right now, you can expect:

  • To be regularly connected with those interested in ending the mass criminalization of Black and Brown communities and gun violence
  • To be connected to other organizers in the Action Network through listserves, convenings, and trainings
  • To receive support on chapter building, working through big questions and barriers, and on leadership development and basebuilding
  • To be connected to national campaigns and to organizers nationally through the Action Network

Their site:


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